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  • Action Figures for Sale
    Here at Rainbow we have hundreds of action figures for sale. These range all across the collecting spectrum from your standard comic character like Spider-Man or Batman to sports figures to sci-fi to the newest imported figure with dozens of options in between.  
  • Basketball Cards
    Rainbow Comics, Cards & Collectibles has a wide selection of basketball cards for sale . Basketball's popularity differs on a year-to-year basis, usually depending on the strength of the rookie class. Right now, officially licensed National Basektball Association (NBA) cards are manufactured by Panini America.
  • Diecast Model Cars
    Rainbow Sportscards has hundreds of different diecast model cars for sale. We specialize in the RC2 / Ertl American Muscle 1:18 scale cars and have literally hundreds of them in stock. Mustangs, Corvettes, GTOs, Chevelles , and more in all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Football Trading Cards
    Rainbow has a fantastic selection of football trading cards . Football accounts for more than half of our sports card business, and it sells year-round to a large base of dedicated collectors. Panini America currently holds the rights to officially licensed National Fooball League (NFL)cards.
  • Heroclix
    Rainbow carries a full line of HeroClix , a popular superhero based tabletop game that allows players to basically play out a comic book. Each individual piece represents a certain character's strengths and powers.
  • Magic The Gathering
    One of the items Rainbow carries in depth is Used Magic The Gathering Cards . The game is the oldest CCG (collectible card game) running and the player base is huge. People are amazed by our organized and thorough selection of Magic cards.
  • New Comic Books
    Rainbow Comics, Cards & Collectibles  has been selling new comic books since the mid 80's. We have seen the industry go through all kinds of different phases from the rise of the superstar artist, the variant cover craze, and everything in between. New comic books come out every Wednesday and we usually have customers waiting in line. Be sure to celebrate New Comic Book Day (#NCBD) every Wednesday at Rainbow!
  • Old Comic Books
    Old comic books, commonly referred to as back issues, are a staple here at Rainbow. We stock literally thousands of different titles of old comic books, and have tens of thousands of unique issues in stock.
  • Baseball Cards
    Rainbow has been selling baseball cards in Sioux Falls, South Dakota since the mid 80's. What started as a sideline in an antiques store soon grew into a full-time sports card and comic book store. Topps currently has the rights to officially licensed Major League Baseball (MLB) trading cards.
  • Trade Paperbacks
    Rainbow Comics, Cards and Collectibles carries a full line of Trade Paperbacks. Also known as Graphic Novels, compilations, or just trades, trade paperbacks are simply a collection of individual issues (typically 3 to 6 comic books) of a certain story from the books, combined into one graphic novel.

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