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Cih Marvelmanvark One Shot (C:

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Just in time for Chris... err 'The Days we Place Aside to be Lazy at the End of the Year' comes the one comic book that will take you until 2024 to actually finish reading! An exhaustive (exhausting?) recap of the history of just about every time somebody wrapped a shoddy costume on a blank human canvas and called it 'Captain Marvel.' This is the only comic book published in 2023 that will answer your most important Captain Marvel, Marvelman, Miracleman, MiracleManVark ownership questions. We give you the hard-hitting answers when it comes to who appropriated what and who exploited whoHint: it isn't pretty and Chris Claremont is only partially responsible. But even more importantlythis is the one comic that will finally ask why there is no Eisner Award category for '________.' Sorry to tease, but we really do want you to buy a few of these in case Neil G. decides to destroy us with his Netflix-Enhanced Pocket Change!

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